What Is Business Interruption Insurance and Can It Help You?

Essentially, business interruption insurance helps businesses pay bills during a disaster or when they are closed for repairs. It can be added to a standard business insurance policy to increase overall protection. If you are displaced from a disaster and need to pay for expenses while your building is repaired, business Interruption insurance can cover you. This kind of insurance is useful for loan payments, keeping your employees paid, and paying for extra expenses like rent during temporary displacement. Without this type of insurance, you may find it hard to keep operations functioning while paying growing out-of-pocket expenses.

The agents at Everett Insurance of Glen Allen, VA can help you understand business Interruption insurance and whether it is right for you. With this coverage, you can keep your business operations going during a disaster or other events that cause your business to close for a period of time.

Can Business Interruption Insurance Help You?

Many business owners use this type of insurance to cover expenses during difficult times. It can be extremely useful in keeping your business functioning, even if you are not open. Unforeseen events like fires, flooding, vandalism, Damage from riots and other unique interruptions may also be included depending on your policy. Some aspects of business interruption insurance that can help you include:

  • Lease payments, rent, or mortgages
  • Day to day bills
  • Temporary relocation expenses
  • Employee payrolls

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