Qualifications for Classic Car Insurance

Classic and collector vehicles have different protection needs than ordinary cars due to their value, rarity, and specialized maintenance needs. These pricey vehicles are also at higher risk of theft or vandalism, making it essential you purchase classic car insurance from Everett Insurance in Goochland, VA to protect your valuable investment. Here are the qualifications for classic car insurance.

Your Vehicle Must Be a Classic   

To qualify for classic car insurance, your older car needs to be a classic vehicle. Older vehicles are considered classic if they:

  • Are 20 years or older
  • Are in good condition (no rust, no tears in the interior, roadworthy)
  • Have historical value
  • Match the original factory design

Your classic may be an antique, hotrod, muscle car, exotic car, or vintage car.

Your Classic Must Meet These Conditions

To qualify for classic car insurance, your classic must meet the following conditions:

  • Limited use such as for exhibitions, parades, or auto club activities within the mileage restrictions of your policy
  • Well-preserved and maintained
  • Needs to be stored in a secure, locked location to prevent theft or vandalism
  • Restricted to safe drivers who have no serious violations on their driving record

What Classic Car Insurance Covers

Classic car insurance offers much of the same coverage as ordinary auto insurance, often at lower premium costs. This includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

If your classic car is destroyed in an accident or disaster, however, your insurance will compensate you for the amount agreed upon when you took out your classic policy as opposed to actual cash value cost.

Your classic policy may also offer specialty coverage not provided by ordinary auto policies to include auto show protection, auto show medical, and coverage for spare parts.

To purchase classic car insurance for your classic vehicle, call or visit Everett Insurance in Goochland, VA, today.