How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Business Inventory

As a business owner working to grow your new venture, you’re concerned about the safety of your building and the impact that a disaster could have.  The reality is that commercial insurance can cover that part of your business but it also works hard to protect all aspects of the business including inventory and equipment.  Commercial insurance is several policies packaged together to provide coverage for any property the business owns, liability protection and workers compensation.  At Everett Insurance, agents work with business owners throughout the Glen Allen, VA area to secure the coverage their businesses need.

While a commercial insurance policy does provide protection for any property owned by the company, it also covers the equipment and inventory.  This goes a long way should the company be impacted by a fire or severe weather that can destroy inventory.  It will also provide liability protection for any guest or customer that is injured at a corporate location.  Workers compensation comes into play if they are injured while at work. 

Commercial insurance is important for both new and established companies.  While it can keep you going by protecting inventory and equipment, you may also want to consider business interruption insurance.  This type of policy is activated when an event disrupts your normal flow of production or conduct of business.  It gives you financial protection to recover quickly and get back to business as usual as soon as possible.  Your agent will be able to answer any questions about this.  With our website at Everett Insurance for basic information then call or call by for a quote.  Our agents work with businesses throughout the Glen Allen, VA area to get the right coverage in place.  Don’t wait for the disaster to happen.  Prepare your business today!