3 Reasons You Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance

You already know that you have to have liability coverage at least to stay legal on the road. But have you thought about adding comprehensive and collision to your policy? Doing so is usually the best idea and can really protect you financially if you’re in an accident.

Our team at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA has put together a brief guide explaining why it is so important to help you make your decision. Here are three reasons you need full coverage auto insurance.

1. Cars Are Expensive to Repair

Let’s face it; auto repairs aren’t cheap. Having comprehensive and collision insurance on your car insurance policy can keep you from having to pay out-of-pocket for damages if something unexpected happens. This includes weather events, hitting a deer, or even theft, too.

2. Your Bank Likely Requires It

If you still have a loan on your vehicle, your bank likely requires you to carry full coverage insurance. They do this so that if the car is ever repossessed, they have the ability to repair any damage and resell the vehicle. However, even if you’ve already paid your loan off, it is still a good idea to keep comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy.

3. Other People Aren’t Always Responsible

Although it is the law and you’re doing your part to stay legal, not everyone is responsible. If you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you’ll need collision coverage on your own policy to keep from having to pay for all of the repairs on your own. While you’ll be subject to your deductible, the insurance company will work on your behalf to try to collect damages from the other party. At the same time, you get to go ahead and have your vehicle fixed immediately.

Buying Full Coverage Auto Insurance is Easy

As you can tell, adding comprehensive and collision to your Virginia auto insurance policy is definitely a good idea. Thankfully, the process is super easy. Need to take a look at your current Glen Allen, VA auto insurance coverage? Please get in touch with our team at Everett Insurance today to schedule an appointment.