What Risks are Covered in Virginia Renter’s Insurance?

Your home is subject to a myriad of risks each day. From an accident to an "act of the gods" to purposeful damage, it only makes sense to ensure you’re protected. Rental insurance is as important as homeowners insurance when protecting you from these events. Explore which insurance risks are covered in Virginia with Everett Insurance of Glen Allen, VA.

Personal Property Insurance Coverage

Your landlord may be responsible for damage to your rental itself, but when it comes to your belongings — you’ll need your own coverage too. Renter’s insurance offers protection for residents when it comes to property damage or theft. This personal property coverage protects your jewelry, electronics, furniture, and more. Typical renter’s insurance policies will cover your property at home, and some will provide limited coverage away from home. 

Named Insurance Risks

Insurance policies will specify named risks that are covered, whereas unnamed risks may not have any protection. Named risks are the events most likely to cause a claim, while unnamed risks are typically far rarer in occurrence. Most renter’s policies will cover lightning or storms, smoke damage, frozen pipes, or HVAC-associated issues. Policies will typically also provide protection against theft and vandalism. 

Uncovered or unnamed risks may include intentional acts of damage, war, or nuclear incidents. For natural events such as floods or earthquakes, most renters will need to choose a supplemental policy based on the risk in their area. Sewer backup is often a supplemental policy as well — and not included in a typical rental plan.

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