A Storm Forming Harm at Your Door

Once you are sure you and your family are safe after a big storm, you can see to the restoration of your home and property. If you have home insurance, this can reduce the cost of repairs, replacements, and restoration. Just remember to work quickly! The soonest begun is half done. 

Get An Insurance Agent Promptly.

Contact your insurance agent right away and be ready to provide photographic documentation of the damage done to your property. They may be able to compensate you for any expenses due to having to evacuate, so hold on to those receipts. The agent can advise you on what repairs would be best to work on first to prevent further damage and make the home livable again. They can tell you what’s covered and for how much. Keep in mind that a small water damage could mean a large water damage that you don’t see. 

Meet With an Adjuster

The insurance company will assign an adjuster to observe your property personally. They may be able to do this remotely through Skype or FaceTime, but they may want to physically come to their home and see with their own eyes. Ask for their name beforehand to ask for ID before you give them a guided tour of the area. Please make a list with them of everything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Document everything. 

Everett Insurance Serving Glen Allen, VA

If you need home insurance and are living in the Glen Allen, VA area, contact Everett Insurance today. Our knowledgeable and courteous agents will do all they can to help you in this difficult time.