How much life insurance is enough

Most people, especially when they are young, don’t spend a lot of time thinking about life insurance and how much is enough. The reality is that you probably have life insurance as part of a benefits package from your employer and unless something happens to bring it to mind, you assume that you have enough and just let it go at that. Deciding the type of life insurance you should get, and the amount you may need help with doesn’t have to be difficult. At Everett Insurance in Goochland, VA, after 86 years as part of the community, we are the trusted choice to help with life insurance and any other insurance you may need. 

Your requirement for life insurance is not the same throughout all the years of your life. Life insurance is something you purchase to protect your loved ones. When you are young and single, you may not care about leaving a lot of money for your parents. It would help if you had enough to pay any debts and pay for your final expenses. This may not require you have very much, and what you already have from your employer may be enough. 

As you add more responsibility to a spouse and family, your need to consider how much life insurance will be enough to keep them comfortable if you are not there to support them. Many things factor into this decision, your salary, how many people depend on you for support, and how long they need to be supported. 

As your children grow up and leave home, you will likely need less life insurance, but you may still have obligations. Life insurance is a safety net that has a place throughout your entire life.  

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