Does umbrella insurance cover my pets?

Our furry and feathered friends are part of our families and often appear in insurance cases in Richmond and Glen Allen, VA. Since we cannot fully control what our pets can and cannot do, the best way to ensure that they are safe is by protecting them through insurance. Umbrella insurance is one of the best ways to keep your pets covered. Everett Insurance is ready to give you a few reasons why that is so:

Bites and lawsuits

Our society today is unfortunately quite litigious, and extensive damages can turn out to be extremely expensive with long term financial impact. What’s worse is that those lawsuits can come from our lovely furry fellows. For instance, a simple bite or scratch from a dog may call for lawsuits that may amount to millions of dollars in injuries. In most cases, homeowners’ insurance is not adequate to cover such large sums of money, but umbrella insurance can come in and compensate the rest.

Pets and damages

Just like us, pets cannot be perfect and, at some point in our homes, may break a plate, a glass window, or even a flowerpot. The difference comes in when they break a neighbor’s or a friend’s glass window. This may force you to cough out a hefty amount of money for damages which homeowner insurance may not adequately cover. Umbrella insurance will again come in and clear the balance.

Trips and falls

Pets cause most common tripping accidents. For instance, a neighbors child who came to play in your back yard may trip over your cat or dog and fall badly. Again, if home insurance won’t be adequate to cover the medical bills, umbrella insurance will come to the rescue.

If you still have questions about umbrella insurance, speak to one of Everett Insurance experts or visit us in Glen Allen, VA today!