Do All Homeowners Need Flood Insurance?

It doesn’t take a Hurricane Katrina (the one of 2005) to understand the danger of floods in America. Floods are ever-present throughout the year, and those without flood insurance usually find themselves in a tight spot because typical home insurance doesn’t cover floods. Only those with mortgages are likely to come out on top because most mortgage providers insist on flood insurance, especially if you live in a high-risk flood zone.

That’s enough introduction for now. Let’s go straight to the question: Do all homeowners need flood insurance? The short answer is yes. As you will find from Everett Insurance of Glen Allen, VA, flood insurance is must-have insurance for all homeowners — and it’s not because of any law. Let’s look at the reasons why every homeowner should invest in flood insurance.

Floods can strike anywhere… and anytime

You don’t have to live along the coastline to be at risk of floods. Where it rains, it can flood. Flash floods are common in America, meaning you only have a false sense of security if you aren’t near any water body.

It may be required

As mentioned, you don’t have an option if you live in a high-risk flood zone, and you have secured a mortgage from a federal-regulated lender. If you are in such a situation, you must carry flood insurance throughout the year until your loan is fully paid.

Home insurance won’t help you

You don’t have to wait for the ugly heads of floods to rear on you so that you can invest in flood insurance. Get it from us now — home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. You must get flood insurance from NFIP or private carriers to get optimal coverage from floods.

Flood insurance in Glen Allen, VA

Need to protect your home from floods? The best way is by purchasing flood insurance. Contact Everett Insurance today for affordable coverage.