What’s Covered Under a Virginia Worker’s Comp Insurance Policy?

Nearly all Virginia business owners will need a worker’s comp insurance policy. Moreover, even the few businesses that aren’t required to have this form of insurance will find purchasing a policy a brilliant idea. A worker’s compensation policy not only benefits your employees but also enables you to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

What’s Covered Under a Worker’s Comp Policy?

Worker’s compensation insurance in Virginia offers no-fault coverage. This means an injured employee will receive payment for medical bills and lost wages, even if the accident was partly or wholly his or her fault. What’s more, employers who provide this coverage to employees can’t be sued due to an employee’s mishap. This holds true even if the employer was to blame for the unfortunate incident.

Who’s Required to Purchase Worker’s Comp Insurance?

Any Glen Allen, VA business with two or more employees will need worker’s comp insurance. Furthermore, Virginia law has a comprehensive definition of what constitutes a worker. Part-time employees are included in the number, as are seasonal workers and subcontractors. If you hire a subcontractor who has at least one other employee, you should count these individuals as full-time workers when assessing your worker’s comp insurance needs.

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