Protect your classic car investment

Owning a classic car can bring a lot of joy to your life! The team at Everett Insurance here in Glen Allen, VA is ready to help you protect your investment. We know that a classic car is more than just a hobby. Let us help you find the vehicle policy that is right for your classic car insurance needs.

Protecting your classic car with the right insurance policy

Owning a classic car comes with a significant financial investment. Because of this, you will need specialized classic car insurance. If you want to keep your kit, hobby, or antique car safe from harm, be sure to obtain an appropriate policy for your needs.

Several different factors go into insuring this type of vehicle. Your insurance agent will want to know how many miles you typically drive it, where it is stored, and if you participate in car shows, rallies, or other similar events. 

Working with an insurance agent that understands these unique needs can help you find the right policy at the right coverage level. Don’t wait to find out that you don’t have the coverage you need!

Whether you are looking to purchase or build a specialty car or you want to upgrade your current policy, sitting down to review your options is a great first step. Now is a perfect time to secure the right policy to keep your classic car fully protected!

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If you live in the greater Glen Allen, VA area and want to protect your classic car, it’s time to meet the team at Everett Insurance. We can help you find the policy that will best meet your needs. Give us a call or stop by today!