When Do I Need Workers Comp Insurance in Virginia?

Workers’ comp insurance provides support if and when people are injured while on the clock. If you’re wondering whether you need workers comp insurance in Goochland, VA, you’re not alone. The rules for employers, employees, and contractors can be confusing if not downright obscure. Everett Insurance has a few tips for business owners who want to remain compliant. 

It Depends 

The answer to this question depends on how your business is structured, what kinds of employees you use, and how they’re classified. Those who work as independent contractors or sole proprietors may not need it, but they should always check first with the Department of Labor before they make any assumptions. If you aren’t covered, then you may have difficulty getting work with certain clients, again depending on how your business is structured. 

Why Workers’ Comp Matters 

In general, the requirement is not the issue. The larger point for the people Goochland, VA is that workers’ comp insurance is necessary for nearly anyone. Even people working in relatively low-risk jobs, such as an office position, are still at risk of being harmed while on the job. Having to take time off for an injury can be catastrophic for a person’s finances, and very few people will be able to weather the storm without some degree of outside help successfully. 

Everett Insurance wants you to have the coverage that you need to keep both you and your business afloat during the worst of times. If you have questions about how the right workers’ comp insurance policy can help, we’re here to fill in the gaps. Call us today to tell us more about your business, and we’ll let you know the best direction to take.