What’s Covered Under a Virginia Worker’s Comp Insurance Policy?

Nearly all Virginia business owners will need a worker’s comp insurance policy. Moreover, even the few businesses that aren’t required to have this form of insurance will find purchasing a policy a brilliant idea. A worker’s compensation policy not only benefits your employees but also enables you to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

What’s Covered Under a Worker’s Comp Policy?

Worker’s compensation insurance in Virginia offers no-fault coverage. This means an injured employee will receive payment for medical bills and lost wages, even if the accident was partly or wholly his or her fault. What’s more, employers who provide this coverage to employees can’t be sued due to an employee’s mishap. This holds true even if the employer was to blame for the unfortunate incident.

Who’s Required to Purchase Worker’s Comp Insurance?

Any Glen Allen, VA business with two or more employees will need worker’s comp insurance. Furthermore, Virginia law has a comprehensive definition of what constitutes a worker. Part-time employees are included in the number, as are seasonal workers and subcontractors. If you hire a subcontractor who has at least one other employee, you should count these individuals as full-time workers when assessing your worker’s comp insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance from Everett Insurance

Everett Insurance has been in business since 1930. We specialize in helping business owners in and around Glen Allen, VA, find the insurance policies that best meet their needs. Our team offers plenty of policy options, expert advice, and stellar customer service to ensure you get good value for your hard-earned cash. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial insurance options or get a policy quote.

Three Questions to Ask When Getting Classic Car Insurance

Regular cars are covered by standard car insurance because they’re driven daily and are not always specially maintained to retain their value. Classic cars require different insurance because they’ve been lovingly restored, are not driven daily, and are given special care by their owners. Special vehicles like this require special insurance that will protect their owners from the financial risk that could come from a loss. 

At Everett Insurance, servicing Glen Allen, VA, we help our customers find classic car insurance. Below are some smart questions to ask if you’re shopping for classic car insurance. 

1. What’s covered under this policy?

A typical classic car insurance policy acts like a comprehensive policy, paying to repair your vehicle and damages to the other vehicle when an accident occurs. Classic car insurance also offers roadside assistance and will pay for injuries to the other party. 

If you need other coverages, talk to your insurance agent to get the coverage you need from your insurance policy. 

2. Can I get original parts insurance?

Many collectors of classic cars want to find original parts for their vehicles whenever possible. Original parts insurance will pay to repair your vehicle with original parts when damage happens. 

3. What are the storage requirements? 

Many classic car insurance policies require storage, such as a private garage, to ensure the vehicle’s protection. Know the storage requirements to ensure that you’re meeting the expectations set by your insurance policy. 

Do you have questions about classic car insurance? Call Everett Insurance, servicing Glen Allen, VA, to learn more today. 

Will Renters Insurance Cover Stolen Items?

If you rent an apartment or house, your landlord’s insurance won’t cover the theft of your possessions. It only insures the building and items the landlord owns, such as major appliances. You can protect your belongings by signing up for renters insurance. It covers several different types of theft, with certain exceptions.


Glen Allen, VA tenants can rest assured that renters insurance generally provides coverage when valuables are stolen in home break-ins. This policy also protects against vandalism, so you could file a claim if a criminal damages other objects while stealing your belongings.

However, basic renters insurance may not cover especially valuable items. Some instruments, jewelry, antiques, or collectibles may fall into this category. If you own any of these items, you might need to add a "floater" to obtain full coverage of their value.


Many insurers cover theft even when it takes place away from home. Generally, this means that your belongings are still protected when you stay overnight somewhere else or transport items in a vehicle. There are exceptions for some treasured possessions that need their own insurance policies (like motorboats and ATVs).


Don’t forget to keep up-to-date information about your belongings in a safe place. If items are stolen, this will help you prove that you own them. Please take photos of each room in your home and print them out. Write down the model and serial numbers of valuable possessions as well.

Everett Insurance can help local tenants find dependable renter coverage. Although we adopted our current name in 1987, our independent agency has served Virginians for more than nine decades. We have multiple offices in the state, including one in Glen Allen, VA. To contact Everett Insurance, please call 800-296-1011 today.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Decoding Umbrella Insurance: Assessing Your Coverage Needs

Umbrella insurance is a supplemental form of coverage that only comes into effect after your primary insurance has reached its limit. For example, if you’re sued by a pedestrian for medical expenses after a fall occurring on your property, your homeowner’s insurance may cover up to its maximum limit. But if a balance is still owed, your umbrella insurance coverage would take effect to pay the remaining costs. Many individuals in Glen Allen, VA, and other areas often underestimate the umbrella insurance coverage they truly need.

Determining Your Property’s Value

The first step in determining how much umbrella insurance coverage you need involves evaluating your property’s worth. After accurately estimating your property’s total value, you need to calculate how much liability coverage you already possess. You can then purchase the umbrella insurance amount necessary to cover what your liability insurance does not. If your liability insurance already covers 100% of your property, you may not need umbrella insurance. However, it’s always wise to have it, just in case.

As highlighted above, deciding how much umbrella insurance coverage you need necessitates valuing your property accurately. Once you’ve identified this and can figure out how much liability insurance you already have, only then can you determine the amount of umbrella insurance you need. If you’re seeking a reliable umbrella insurance provider in the Glen Allen, VA area, reach out to us at Everett Insurance. At Everett Insurance, we will provide you with a quote and hope to add you to our list of satisfied customers. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today, and allow our friendly and knowledgeable agents to assist you.

Why You Shouldn’t Drop Flood Insurance on Your Home That’s Paid For

Paying off your home is a milestone you should be proud to reach. Pride of home ownership is something that almost everyone desires in their lifetime. Now that the time has come, and you no longer have a mortgage to pay, you may be thinking of other ways to cut expenses out of your monthly budget. But as your insurance representative at Everett Insurance serving Glen Allen, VA can tell you, flood insurance is something you should hang onto.

Flood Insurance Covers More Than Weather Events

It doesn’t take a giant rainstorm to create flooding in your area. If you live near a body of water, that water could overflow its banks and cause flood damage to your property. Changes in conditions, such as dam breaking or other structural issues, can easily lead to water overflowing and running into residential areas.

Flood Insurance is Future Security

Consider what would happen if your home did flood. Your entire family would be displaced, and you could lose all of your possessions. Do you have enough money in your bank to replace everything and pay for alternate housing for an undetermined length of time? You may never be able to return to your home after it floods. There may be mold mitigation to take care of, or it may never be inhabitable again. For your security and everything you hold dear, hang on to your flood insurance for the life of your homeownership, even after your mortgage is paid off.

The State of Virginia doesn’t require homeowners to carry flood insurance. But with a large number of homes in flood-prone areas, it makes good sense to cover your largest asset, your home. Contact Everett Insurance, serving Glen Allen, VA, today to learn more about buying and maintaining your flood insurance after your home has already been paid for.

When should you review your auto coverage?

When you are in the market for auto insurance, finding an independent insurance agency you can trust is imperative. At Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA, we have been in the insurance business for more than 90 years, meaning we have vast knowledge and experience. We provide the personalized service you require to get the proper coverage. 

When your policy is renewed

When your auto policy renews, you will be sent a new policy. The cover sheet of the policy is called the declaration page. This page lists all your coverage and any endorsements you have added. This is the best time to review all your coverage and ensure it is what you need. 

When you add a new driver

Adding a new driver can change the auto insurance you need, especially if it is a young driver. You may want to increase your liability coverage to play it safe. 

When you add a new car

Adding a new vehicle to your policy can change a lot of things. If it is a newer vehicle with considerable value, you will need to have collision and comprehensive coverage. If you have an auto loan, gap coverage may be called for. 

When you move

When you change address, this is an excellent opportunity to review your auto coverage to ensure you get the best possible deal. Even if you have moved within the same city, different neighborhoods may have different rates for coverage. If you have a garage at the new location that you didn’t have at your other location, this may also affect your rates. 

Contact Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA, when you need auto insurance coverage. Please stop by our office or give us a call today. 

Four things you shouldn’t assume about commercial insurance

If you own a Glen Allen, VA business, we can help you insure it at Everett Insurance. It’s essential that you’re not misinformed about commercial insurance to make the best possible coverage decisions for your company. 

The following are four things you shouldn’t assume about commercial insurance. 

You don’t need workers’ compensation coverage.

Workers compensation is required by law in many situations. You can’t operate under the assumption that this type of coverage is always optional.

Not only is workers’ compensation coverage often required by law, but it is also very beneficial to your employees. You can demonstrate your concern for your employees by purchasing workers’ compensation coverage to protect them financially. 

You don’t need to know how to file a claim in advance.

It’s best to fully understand the claim filing process when you buy your policy. Filing a commercial insurance claim can be stressful. Knowing how the claim process works in advance can minimize the stress you experience when filing a claim down the road. 

You don’t need commercial auto insurance if you already have personal auto insurance. 

Your personal auto insurance won’t cover your vehicles for commercial activities. You need commercial auto insurance coverage if you use your vehicles for business operations. 

You don’t need to make any changes to your commercial insurance once you select a policy.

Your company is likely to grow and change as time goes on. This makes it important to periodically reevaluate and update your commercial insurance policy to ensure that your company’s coverage needs are being met. 

Everett Insurance offers commercial insurance policies to Glen Allen, VA business owners. Call us today for a quote. 

A Storm Forming Harm at Your Door

Once you are sure you and your family are safe after a big storm, you can see to the restoration of your home and property. If you have home insurance, this can reduce the cost of repairs, replacements, and restoration. Just remember to work quickly! The soonest begun is half done. 

Get An Insurance Agent Promptly.

Contact your insurance agent right away and be ready to provide photographic documentation of the damage done to your property. They may be able to compensate you for any expenses due to having to evacuate, so hold on to those receipts. The agent can advise you on what repairs would be best to work on first to prevent further damage and make the home livable again. They can tell you what’s covered and for how much. Keep in mind that a small water damage could mean a large water damage that you don’t see. 

Meet With an Adjuster

The insurance company will assign an adjuster to observe your property personally. They may be able to do this remotely through Skype or FaceTime, but they may want to physically come to their home and see with their own eyes. Ask for their name beforehand to ask for ID before you give them a guided tour of the area. Please make a list with them of everything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Document everything. 

Everett Insurance Serving Glen Allen, VA

If you need home insurance and are living in the Glen Allen, VA area, contact Everett Insurance today. Our knowledgeable and courteous agents will do all they can to help you in this difficult time. 

Why All Business Owners Need Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance is essential for every business owner who has employees. In Virginia, it’s mandated by law that every business with three or more employees must have this commercial insurance coverage. That’s true whether the employees are full or part-time. Even if you have one or two employees, however, having this type of insurance is a good idea. It comes with several benefits that are important for everyone’s protection.

Benefits for Employees

When you have worker’s compensation insurance, it pays for the expenses related to an accident that an employee has at work or an illness that is related to their work. This can include medical bills and disability benefits for employees. With this insurance in place, employees benefit by knowing that if they do get injured, funds will be available to pay for the resulting bills. They won’t have to sue to get the bills paid or fight over each bill. The insurance company will take care of them. 

Benefits for Your Business

Worker’s compensation insurance also has significant benefits for your business. Medical bills have skyrocketed, and they keep getting higher. If an employee gets sick or injured while on the job, the bills can be astronomical, even if the injury isn’t that serious. Without worker’s compensation insurance, your business would have to come up with the money for all those bills and likely legal bills. This could have a serious effect on your business. If the business is a small one, it could threaten the collapse of the business. It’s essential to have this insurance for your protection as well as the protection of your employees. 

Get Worker’s Comp Insurance

When your business needs this insurance, call us at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA to learn more. 

How Does Classic Car Insurance Limit My Annual Mileage?

At Everett Insurance, we want your vehicles parked in Glen Allen, VA to enjoy the utmost protection. We offer classic car coverage for your antique, vintage, and collector’s cars. This type of automotive coverage ensures you will receive the funds required to replace your unique vehicle if it gets totaled.

Classic Car Mileage Limitations

If you enjoy driving your classic car every day, you need to understand the mileage limitations that classic coverage imposes. Classic car policies limit the owner to driving 1,000 miles per year. This typically limits the driver to driving to and from car shows and parades, although you can use the 1,000 miles any way you like.

Although most insurance lets you tailor policies to your needs, classic car coverage firmly enforces the mileage limit. Most companies won’t allow you to raise it. That helps reduce their risk since few vehicles get totaled while parked in a garage.

The extreme value of classic cars and the high-value payouts for damage or loss of one lead the insurance companies to severely limit their use. The policies provide excellent coverage in return, though. They pay for manufacturer classic parts when needed for repairs, ensuring that your fully restored classic remains a fully restored classic car.

Contact Us Today About Your Classic Car

Call or email Everett Insurance today to obtain classic car insurance for your ride. You can still use your 1,000 miles to coast around Glen Allen, VA, or drive to the beach.