Winter driving tips for VA residents

Even though our area of Glen Allen, VA may not get a lot of snow, it still makes sense to prepare for winter driving conditions. Everett Insurance is here to help you get through the upcoming winter season safe and sound!

Tips for safe winter driving

If you have to drive in foul weather, make sure that you set yourself up for a safe trip. These tips can help you prepare for driving in all types of weather. 

  • Check your fluids – make sure that fluids such as antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid are full and ready to go. We recommend keeping an extra container of windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle during the winter months.
  • Make sure your tires are ready to go – safe driving on slick surfaces requires tires that are in good condition. Have yours checked and replace those that are worn out, have dry rot, or are unsafe.
  • Confirm your roadside assistance coverage – there’s nothing worse than being stuck during inclement weather. Now’s the time to make sure that your roadside assistance protection is in place.
  • Avoid driving in foul weather – no one wants to drive when it is stormy out, but if you must venture out, be sure to allow yourself enough time to get to your destination safely.

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What Is Business Interruption Insurance and Can It Help You?

Essentially, business interruption insurance helps businesses pay bills during a disaster or when they are closed for repairs. It can be added to a standard business insurance policy to increase overall protection. If you are displaced from a disaster and need to pay for expenses while your building is repaired, business Interruption insurance can cover you. This kind of insurance is useful for loan payments, keeping your employees paid, and paying for extra expenses like rent during temporary displacement. Without this type of insurance, you may find it hard to keep operations functioning while paying growing out-of-pocket expenses.

The agents at Everett Insurance of Glen Allen, VA can help you understand business Interruption insurance and whether it is right for you. With this coverage, you can keep your business operations going during a disaster or other events that cause your business to close for a period of time.

Can Business Interruption Insurance Help You?

Many business owners use this type of insurance to cover expenses during difficult times. It can be extremely useful in keeping your business functioning, even if you are not open. Unforeseen events like fires, flooding, vandalism, Damage from riots and other unique interruptions may also be included depending on your policy. Some aspects of business interruption insurance that can help you include:

  • Lease payments, rent, or mortgages
  • Day to day bills
  • Temporary relocation expenses
  • Employee payrolls

Quality Insurance Options in Glen Allen, VA

Give us a call or use our online portal to get in touch with us at Everett Insurance located in Glen Allen, VA. Our representatives are here to help you get quality insurance coverage to protect yourself, as well as your business operations and assets.

Does Home Insurance Protect Your Garage?

Your garage may house some of your most prized possessions. From a classic sports car to your childhood mementos, the items you keep in your garage may be extremely valuable. While homeowners insurance may cover treasured items in your home, what about your garage and the items inside it?

Everett Insurance, which serves Glen Allen, VA, understands that you want the most protection for your home, including your garage. Here’s what you need to know about garage protection.

The Physical Dwelling May Be Covered

In most homeowners insurance policies, all aspects of the home are covered. This includes all structures attached to the home. Even a detached garage or shed could be covered so long as the building is used for personal and not commercial use. If you use your garage for commercial purposes, you should speak with an insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage.

Property Inside the Garage Is Often Covered

When you buy a homeowners insurance policy, the items inside the garage are also often covered. It is important to know the limits of your insurance policy, as each policy has a different threshold regarding the value it can cover. For example, you likely need to check your policy to see if your classic car or jewelry will be completely covered. If not, you may want to increase your insurance policy for the most protection.

Check Out Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Are you unsure what your homeowner’s policy covers? Now is a good time to read your policy and get to know your coverage. If you live in Glen Allen, VA, check out Everett Insurance today to see what kind of policy is right for your home.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: FAQs

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect business owners and employees alike. This business coverage pays for medical expenses when an employee suffers an illness or injury at work. Here at Everett Insurance, we know many Glen Allen, VA residents may not be too familiar with the ins and outs of this coverage, so we wanted to share some frequently asked questions about workers’ comp insurance.

What Does Worker’s Comp Insurance Generally Cover?

In order to recover these benefits, workers must suffer an injury or illness while performing duties within the course description of their job. Workers’ compensation insurance pays for medical treatment for work-related illness or injury. It may also pay for lost wages that result from being unable to perform usual work duties.

How Can Business Owners Benefit from Workers’ Comp Insurance?

In order for employees to take advantage of the benefits that workers’ compensation insurance has to offer, they must first agree to avoid seeking additional compensation in court. Therefore, this type of insurance coverage helps to reduce the risk of lawsuits, liability amounts, and legal fees for business owners. In addition, it helps to cover workplace injuries that owners may suffer.

Does an Injury Have to Occur on Business Premises in Order to Be Covered?

As long as the illness or injury occurs while the employee is performing job-related responsibilities/duties, it does not matter where the illness or injury occurs. For instance, if an employee suffers an injury while running a workplace errand, the incident should be covered. If an employee suffers an illness while attending a mandatory work-related dinner, the incident should be covered. There are many instances when an illness or injury can occur off business premises and still be covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

If you are interested in designing a workers’ compensation insurance policy for your Glen Allen, VA business, contact us at Everett Insurance. We have helped many business owners protect their businesses and would love the opportunity to help you protect yours with the right insurance coverage.

What Are The Different Types of Classic Car Coverage?

The city of Glen Allen, VA recognizes a vehicle as a classic, antique, or vintage motor car when it is more than 25 model years old. Although these vehicles are driven less frequently than a standard passenger car, they are still required to be insured with minimum liability insurance. Because classic cars are treated differently, Everett Insurance has put together this guide to classic car coverage options. 

Agreed Value Plans

Classic cars typically won’t lose value as they age. This means they are not subject to deprecation. An agreed value plan pays out the amount the vehicle was worth when this policy was signed if the vehicle is totaled, regardless of how much time has passed.

Spare Parts Plans

The older a vehicle is, the harder it is to find back up parts. A spare parts plan provides these parts in the event they are damaged or stolen. 

Tiered Mileage Plans

When a classic car is not your primary vehicle, you can opt for a tiered mileage plan. By agreeing to limit the number of miles put on the vehicle every year, you may pay a lower overall rate or avoid a deductible. Rates are determined by the insurance provider.

Auto Show Plans

If you plan to display an antique car at an auto show, these plans are an excellent choice. Medical plans can be especially useful in the event someone injures themselves at an exhibit your car is featured in. 

Worldwide Coverage Plans

The standard insurance policy limits coverage within the United States. If you plan to take your classic vehicle out of the country, worldwide coverage is an important option to have. 

Remember, even classic cars are subject to an uninsured motor vehicle fee in Glen Allen, VA. Let Everett Insurance make sure you’re covered today!

How Renters’ Insurance Works

If you have a home that you rent from a landlord, it’s vital that you have a renters’ insurance policy for the entire time that you live there. There are several kinds of insurance coverage available in one of these policies, and it’s all-important protection for renters. If you need this insurance for your rental, contact us at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA.

Protect Your Possessions

One of the types of coverage provided by a renters’ policy is protection for all of your possessions that are inside your rented home. When you have this insurance, you can get help with replacing your items if they were to be ruined or completely destroyed. It’s always a good idea to have this coverage as it may be necessary someday for you to use it. Disasters and accidents happen all the time, and you don’t want to have to begin again from scratch. 

Protect Your Liability

A renters’ policy will also come with some coverage for your liability. If you were to have someone into your rental, and that person was to get injured or sick there, you may be found liable for their medical bills. This coverage type covers those bills so that you won’t have to pay from your own pocket. It’s an important protection for your finances and to protect you from lawsuits. 

Protect Your Living Arrangement

When you rent, you don’t have to ensure the rented space, as the landlord is responsible for that. However, if your rental were to be badly damaged and unlivable, your renters’ policy will pay for you to live somewhere safer while the repairs are being made. This helps you to preserve your standard of living.

Get Your Renters’ Insurance

If you rent and don’t yet have your insurance policy, call us today at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

Having enough liability insurance is an important way to protect yourself and your finances from lawsuits and other costs. If you have some liability coverage, that doesn’t mean that you have enough. If you don’t have enough, an umbrella insurance policy can help. Give us a call at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA to talk to an agent about the coverage you need. 

Getting More Liability Coverage

If you already have a home insurance policy and an auto insurance policy, both of those insurance types come with an amount of liability insurance. However, that amount is often much too small. If there were a serious accident that cost a lot in medical bills, your home or auto policy could max out and leave you with the rest of the bills. Umbrella insurance comes with a much higher maximum amount for your liability coverage. That allows for more of those bills to be paid by insurance instead of by you. 

Umbrella Insurance Policies

If there is an accident that happens either in your vehicle or in your home, your liability coverage is what pays for those medical bills and/or property damage bills. Your auto or home policy will come in quickly to assess the situation and pay for the resulting bills. If that isn’t enough to cover all of those bills, your umbrella insurance policy kicks in next. It has a much higher max amount, so it will cover even serious accidents so that you don’t have to. It’s a great way to protect your finances in case the worst should happen. 

Get Your Umbrella Coverage

If you don’t have a lot of liability coverage, and many people don’t, it’s a good idea to get umbrella insurance to add more. If you are interested in this kind of policy, call us at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA to find out more. 

Why Every Business in Glen Allen VA Should Have Workers’ Comp Insurance

Can you imagine how your Glen Allen, VA business would operate without employees? It would be impossible. Your employees are the most critical component for the survival of your business. As an employer, you are responsible for your workers’ security and safety. While you have put measures to avoid work-related injuries, you can’t eliminate mishaps in the workplace 100 percent. For this reason, you need workers’ comp insurance from Everett Insurance to safeguard your most prized asset. 

 Here are reasons why every business in Glen Allen, VA, should have workers’ comp insurance.

To comply with the law

Virginia requires businesses with two or more employees to maintain workers’ comp insurance. This policy assists workers to recover from work-related injuries or illnesses. It also shields employers against civil suits filed by injured or sick employees. Non-compliance to workers’ comp insurance may result in civil fines and misdemeanor charges. 


Protects against lawsuits

Business owners are aware that any litigation can have negative impacts on their businesses. It can drain business finances, time, and energy. Litigation can also affect the business relationship with the employees, vendors, investors and clients. Workers’ comp insurance is a paramount safety net when it comes to lawsuits.

Preserves your business finances

Not many business ventures can survive the blunt of work-related injury costs. In fact, one substantial work-related injury can lead to unbearable financial ruin to your business. However, investing in workers’ comp insurance cushions your business against the financial burden of financing your employees’ medical care and meeting settlement claims. 

Protects your employees

Workers’ comp insurance pays for your employees’ medical expenses when your employee sustains work-related injuries. Besides, this coverage covers employees’ partial loss of income and can meet the employee’s funeral expenses.  

Procuring a salient workers’ comp insurance in Glen Allen, VA, is a prudent move to safeguard your employees and business entity. If you need workers’ comp insurance for your business, call or visit Everett Insurance to partner with us on your insurance journey.

Why should I get classic car insurance in Virginia?

If you are a car lover in the Glen Allen, VA area, there is a good chance that you dream of one day owning a classic car. Anyone who will purchase a classic car in this area of the state needs to spend the right time thinking about their insurance needs. A form of insurance that all classic vehicle owners need to get is classic car insurance as it offers unique protections.

Coverage For Actual Liability Risk

All drivers in Virginia, including those that have classic cars, need to maintain liability insurance. However, most people that drive classic cars only do so sparingly and therefore do not have as much risk as a typical driver. With a classic car insurance plan, you can provide information about your expected annual mileage, and your insurance plan can be built accordingly.

Coverage Protects High Value of Car

It would be best if you also got a classic car insurance plan because it is the best way to protect your investment in your vehicle. When you are looking to purchase a classic car, you will be getting one that you will want to increase in value over the years, which is different than other vehicles that typically decline in value. When you have a classic car insurance plan, you can get specific protection to ensure the car’s full value is covered.

A vehicle owner in the Glen Allen, VA area will want to have a classic car insurance plan. The team with Everett Insurance can help anyone assess their insurance needs and build an appropriate plan. When you call Everett Insurance, they will assess your situation and give you the support needed to choose your ideal classic car insurance policy. 

How Does Renters’ Insurance Work?

Renters’ insurance is often required by landlords when you are renting a place to live. If required, you often have a limited time after signing the lease to get this coverage in place. If you need renters’ insurance, call us at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA. 

Insurance Protection for Belongings

When you have renters’ insurance coverage, it covers the items you own inside the rental. This covers those items whether they are ruined or destroyed. If you have expensive belongings, it’s usually recommended that you use your phone’s camera to document those items. An easy way to do it is to set the camera to video and walk around your home, documenting the items that are there. 

Coverage for Inhabitable Dwellings

If your rental should become destroyed or heavily damaged, your renters’ coverage will cover the costs associated with you moving to an inhabitable dwelling. This may include rent and other expenses that are needed when you have to move out of your home quickly. This coverage may also kick in when your dwelling is condemned or has another problem that makes it unlivable. 

Liability Protection

If someone comes into your home and has an accident or falls ill, you can be held liable for the ensuing expenses. However, your renters’ insurance includes some coverage for just that occasion. It pays those medical bills and keeps you from being sued and paying out of pocket for these expenses. 

Get Your Renters’ Insurance

If you rent a home and are not yet covered by renters’ insurance, give us a call. You can contact us at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA.