Three Questions to Ask When Getting Classic Car Insurance

Regular cars are covered by standard car insurance because they’re driven daily and are not always specially maintained to retain their value. Classic cars require different insurance because they’ve been lovingly restored, are not driven daily, and are given special care by their owners. Special vehicles like this require special insurance that will protect their owners from the financial risk that could come from a loss. 

At Everett Insurance, servicing Glen Allen, VA, we help our customers find classic car insurance. Below are some smart questions to ask if you’re shopping for classic car insurance. 

1. What’s covered under this policy?

A typical classic car insurance policy acts like a comprehensive policy, paying to repair your vehicle and damages to the other vehicle when an accident occurs. Classic car insurance also offers roadside assistance and will pay for injuries to the other party. 

If you need other coverages, talk to your insurance agent to get the coverage you need from your insurance policy. 

2. Can I get original parts insurance?

Many collectors of classic cars want to find original parts for their vehicles whenever possible. Original parts insurance will pay to repair your vehicle with original parts when damage happens. 

3. What are the storage requirements? 

Many classic car insurance policies require storage, such as a private garage, to ensure the vehicle’s protection. Know the storage requirements to ensure that you’re meeting the expectations set by your insurance policy. 

Do you have questions about classic car insurance? Call Everett Insurance, servicing Glen Allen, VA, to learn more today.