Renters Insurance for College Students: Protecting Your Dorm or Apartment

If you’re a college student from Glen Allen, VA, you might already feel like you have a lot on your plate. Renting a dorm or apartment can only make things more stressful, but there’s a solution that can give you some peace of mind. Renters insurance is something many college students don’t consider, but it’s imperative. Everett Insurance explains what renters insurance is, why you should have it, and how it can help protect your living space.

What is Renters Insurance?

If you rent a property, your personal belongings are not covered under your landlord’s insurance policy as it only protects the building. To protect your belongings, you can purchase renters insurance. Insurance will protect your items, offer liability coverage, and may help with living expenses if your rental property is unusable. It’s worth noting that renters insurance applies not only to individuals who live off-campus but also to those who reside in university dorms that require it.

Why Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?

Being a college student doesn’t mean that your belongings are less valuable. Even though you may not have expensive things like someone in their career, your laptop, textbooks, and clothing can still cost you a lot. Renters insurance is the way to safeguard your items in case of theft, damage, or loss.

To sum up, college students should consider purchasing renters insurance to protect their belongings and have liability coverage. Renters’ insurance also covers loss of use, giving you peace of mind while renting or staying in a dorm. So, before you pack up to leave Glen Allen, VA for your first semester of college, contact Everett Insurance today, and we’ll help you get the right policy.