Workers’ Compensation Insurance: FAQs

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect business owners and employees alike. This business coverage pays for medical expenses when an employee suffers an illness or injury at work. Here at Everett Insurance, we know many Glen Allen, VA residents may not be too familiar with the ins and outs of this coverage, so we wanted to share some frequently asked questions about workers’ comp insurance.

What Does Worker’s Comp Insurance Generally Cover?

In order to recover these benefits, workers must suffer an injury or illness while performing duties within the course description of their job. Workers’ compensation insurance pays for medical treatment for work-related illness or injury. It may also pay for lost wages that result from being unable to perform usual work duties.

How Can Business Owners Benefit from Workers’ Comp Insurance?

In order for employees to take advantage of the benefits that workers’ compensation insurance has to offer, they must first agree to avoid seeking additional compensation in court. Therefore, this type of insurance coverage helps to reduce the risk of lawsuits, liability amounts, and legal fees for business owners. In addition, it helps to cover workplace injuries that owners may suffer.

Does an Injury Have to Occur on Business Premises in Order to Be Covered?

As long as the illness or injury occurs while the employee is performing job-related responsibilities/duties, it does not matter where the illness or injury occurs. For instance, if an employee suffers an injury while running a workplace errand, the incident should be covered. If an employee suffers an illness while attending a mandatory work-related dinner, the incident should be covered. There are many instances when an illness or injury can occur off business premises and still be covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

If you are interested in designing a workers’ compensation insurance policy for your Glen Allen, VA business, contact us at Everett Insurance. We have helped many business owners protect their businesses and would love the opportunity to help you protect yours with the right insurance coverage.