Winter driving tips for VA residents

Even though our area of Glen Allen, VA may not get a lot of snow, it still makes sense to prepare for winter driving conditions. Everett Insurance is here to help you get through the upcoming winter season safe and sound!

Tips for safe winter driving

If you have to drive in foul weather, make sure that you set yourself up for a safe trip. These tips can help you prepare for driving in all types of weather. 

  • Check your fluids – make sure that fluids such as antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid are full and ready to go. We recommend keeping an extra container of windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle during the winter months.
  • Make sure your tires are ready to go – safe driving on slick surfaces requires tires that are in good condition. Have yours checked and replace those that are worn out, have dry rot, or are unsafe.
  • Confirm your roadside assistance coverage – there’s nothing worse than being stuck during inclement weather. Now’s the time to make sure that your roadside assistance protection is in place.
  • Avoid driving in foul weather – no one wants to drive when it is stormy out, but if you must venture out, be sure to allow yourself enough time to get to your destination safely.

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