Why should a business get workers’ comp insurance in Virginia?

The Glen Allen, VA area is a great part of the country to start a business. If you decide to build a business in this region, you must have all the insurance to protect your employees and inventory. One type of coverage that should never be overlooked is workers’ comp insurance. There are a few reasons that a company in this part of the state needs to have a workers’ comp insurance plan. 

Protect Themselves and Employees

A great reason to have a workers’ comp insurance plan for your Virginia business is so you can protect your employees and your business. If someone is injured at work, workers’ comp insurance will provide coverage for costs and losses incurred by the employee. This ensures your team members have support and can help reduce your company’s liability risk, as their damages will be covered. 

Comply with the Law

You also should get a workers’ comp insurance plan to ensure you can comply with the law. Like many other states, Virginia requires most businesses with employees to get workers’ comp insurance due to the value it provides to their team members. If you do not maintain an adequate plan, you could face significant penalization while not getting the coverage that could help support your company.

No matter what type of business you have in the Glen Allen, VA area, it is a good idea for you to have a workers’ comp insurance plan. As this can be a complex type of insurance, working with Everett Insurance can be a great option. The Everett Insurance team understands this coverage’s value and will help you build a new policy that will meet your needs.