Why Do I Need Special Insurance For My Classic Car?

Classic cars are more than just a vehicle option; for many people, they are also a hobby and an investment. At Everett Insurance, serving Glen Allen, VA, and the surrounding area, we can help you make wise insurance choices for your classic cars. Keep reading to learn more. 

Can I Use Regular Insurance For My Classic Cars? 

It is not often recommended to use regular car insurance for classic vehicles. This is because classic cars are often valued very differently than standard cars. The time and money needed to restore classic cars will give them a different value. There is also the collector value to be considered. This refers to a particular vehicle’s value in the collector community. 

How Do I Know How Much Insurance I Need?

Sit down with an insurance expert to determine how much coverage you should get on your classic car. This professional will be able to help you choose a fair value for the vehicle and then select a proper amount of insurance as well. 

What Happens If I Use Regular Insurance?

If you keep a regular auto policy on your classic car, it may not truly cover the car’s value. If the vehicle is damaged or lost, you might suffer a loss on your investment in the vehicle. To avoid this, you can talk with an insurance representative that has experience with classic car coverage. 

If you want to learn more about classic car insurance, please get in touch with us at Everett Insurance, serving Glen Allen, VA, and the surrounding areas. We will gladly talk to you and help you find the perfect insurance policy.