Does Home Insurance Protect Your Garage?

Your garage may house some of your most prized possessions. From a classic sports car to your childhood mementos, the items you keep in your garage may be extremely valuable. While homeowners insurance may cover treasured items in your home, what about your garage and the items inside it?

Everett Insurance, which serves Glen Allen, VA, understands that you want the most protection for your home, including your garage. Here’s what you need to know about garage protection.

The Physical Dwelling May Be Covered

In most homeowners insurance policies, all aspects of the home are covered. This includes all structures attached to the home. Even a detached garage or shed could be covered so long as the building is used for personal and not commercial use. If you use your garage for commercial purposes, you should speak with an insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage.

Property Inside the Garage Is Often Covered

When you buy a homeowners insurance policy, the items inside the garage are also often covered. It is important to know the limits of your insurance policy, as each policy has a different threshold regarding the value it can cover. For example, you likely need to check your policy to see if your classic car or jewelry will be completely covered. If not, you may want to increase your insurance policy for the most protection.

Check Out Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Are you unsure what your homeowner’s policy covers? Now is a good time to read your policy and get to know your coverage. If you live in Glen Allen, VA, check out Everett Insurance today to see what kind of policy is right for your home.