Who can benefit from my life insurance policy?

Life insurance is an essential part of your financial plan. This is because life insurance can help keep your dependents and loved ones financially safe in case of your demise. At Everett Insurance, we recommend purchasing life insurance as early as possible as opposed to waiting until an older age. 

Life insurance takes care of your funeral and burial expenses as well as your documented dependents. By documented dependents, we mean that not everyone can benefit from your life insurance. Read on to learn who may benefit from your insurance.

It is not a must for your spouse to benefit

Your life insurance is not a law. Therefore, there exist no rights as to who may benefit from your insurance and who may not. In simple terms, life insurance is like a will. However, unlike a will, you need to choose one sole beneficiary and an optional name in cases where the only beneficiary is unavailable or dies.

Your beneficiary can be your parent

Like we have already mentioned, only the listed people can access death benefits. For instance, if you have children and parents, you can choose your parents and not your children to be sole beneficiaries depending on your reasons.

It doesn’t have to be family

Naming your beneficiary is quite personal, and your insurer will accept anyone you name in your policy. If you live around Richmond or Glen Allen, VA you can visit us at Everett Insurance for professional advice.

With the current state of every possibility and many uncertainties, you may not know what happens to your dependents in case of your demise. Purchasing life insurance is an excellent plan to help give your family and loved ones the quality of life you have always wanted. For more information, visit us at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA today.


Top Auto Insurance Features Available to Virginia Residents

Motorists in the state of Virginia are required to have coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and additional protection from under and uninsured drivers. In addition to these three types of coverage, more policies are available to drivers throughout the Glen Allen, VA area. If you are a local resident, the team at Everett Insurance is here to help you find the auto insurance policy that is right for your needs. 

Top Auto Insurance Features for Virginia Residents to Consider

  • Gap Insurance – Virginia residents can take out gap insurance if they lease a car, or they have a financed car that they have had for less than one year. This is important if your car is totaled. The outstanding amount of the loan or the lease could be higher than the cash value of the vehicle. This feature is not necessary for anyone who owns their vehicle, or the financed value is lower than the cash value.
  • Medical Insurance – If you are a Virginia resident who does not have medical coverage or your policy has a low limit on the amount of medical expenses that it will cover, you should check out MedPay. This coverage can be invaluable if you are involved in an accident that causes significant injuries. 

These are just two critical features that are available for residents in Virginia.

Residents in the Glen Allen, VA area can rely on Everett Insurance to help them find the right policy for their family’s protection. With all of the choices available, it can be a lot easier to work with a local agent to simplify the process! Call or stop by today.

We look forward to working with you!

How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Business Inventory

As a business owner working to grow your new venture, you’re concerned about the safety of your building and the impact that a disaster could have.  The reality is that commercial insurance can cover that part of your business but it also works hard to protect all aspects of the business including inventory and equipment.  Commercial insurance is several policies packaged together to provide coverage for any property the business owns, liability protection and workers compensation.  At Everett Insurance, agents work with business owners throughout the Glen Allen, VA area to secure the coverage their businesses need.

While a commercial insurance policy does provide protection for any property owned by the company, it also covers the equipment and inventory.  This goes a long way should the company be impacted by a fire or severe weather that can destroy inventory.  It will also provide liability protection for any guest or customer that is injured at a corporate location.  Workers compensation comes into play if they are injured while at work. 

Commercial insurance is important for both new and established companies.  While it can keep you going by protecting inventory and equipment, you may also want to consider business interruption insurance.  This type of policy is activated when an event disrupts your normal flow of production or conduct of business.  It gives you financial protection to recover quickly and get back to business as usual as soon as possible.  Your agent will be able to answer any questions about this.  With our website at Everett Insurance for basic information then call or call by for a quote.  Our agents work with businesses throughout the Glen Allen, VA area to get the right coverage in place.  Don’t wait for the disaster to happen.  Prepare your business today!

How Recreation Insurance Protects You While Traveling

Traveling the roads exploring with your RV is a popular family activity.  Before you start out on your next adventure, make sure that you have the recreation insurance you need.  In Glen Allen, VA, our team at Everett Insurance can help you with any questions so that you know that you have the best coverage available. 

Many people consider recreation or RV insurance to be just like auto insurance.  There are some similarities but each policy is markedly different.  The reason is that while an RV is a vehicle that is required to have liability insurance, it is also a temporary home.  Also, policies differ based on the size and weight of the recreational vehicle. 

Recreational insurance policies usually include coverage for the replacement of a vehicle in the event that it is stolen or damaged beyond repair.  This will also include coverage for accessories that are often attached to the outside of the RV.  This can include items such as awnings and satellite dishes.  All of the contents of the recreational vehicle, such as personal possessions or outdoor gear, are also covered.  When you are talking with your agent, discuss how you intend to use the RV.  Sometimes there are different coverage options if you are only using it once a year for vacation. 

Recreational vehicles are a great way for families to bond and spend quality time in nature.  At Everett Insurance, our agents understand the needs that you have.  Whether you are intending to explore the Glen Allen, VA area or national parks and points of interest along the road, they have the insurance coverage you need.  Explore the website for general information then call or come by.  We’ve got the answers to your recreation insurance questions.  Get the coverage you need before you need it.