Electric Vehicle Insurance Coverage Tips and Considerations

Driving an EV Has Advantages but Brings Lifestyle Changes

No matter what kind of EV you own, the costs and benefits of ownership are likely to change. You may enjoy purchase incentives, pay road taxes, and experience the difference between paying for electricity instead of gas. Daily use variables include finding parking with charging capability or making trip decisions based on the available vehicle range. You’ll also face insurance changes depending on your EV model.

Getting EV Repairs After an Accident Can be Challenging

What does it take to repair your EV or electric vehicle? Who can provide the parts and service? At Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA, we can help you with coverage designed for your EV and obtain the insurer’s list of approved EV repair shops for your brand and model.

Design of Your EV Makes an Important Difference to Insurance

A traditional EV that combines gas vehicle design features with an electric drivetrain may have more repair options than other EVs. This could even make it a better risk than equivalent gas models. In the case of proprietary Tesla vehicles, company repair shops are your only option and your insurance company’s only choice.

Experience, Not Media Coverage, Drives EV Insurance Rates

As with other vehicles, insurance company data provides a basis for EV rates. We can help you understand actual company experience with EVs, so you can make a wise, well-informed vehicle choice.

Keeping Up with Ever-Changing Insurance Considerations

At Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA, our agents help you navigate the new world of EV insurance to select the right coverage, deductibles, and options appropriate for this new breed of autos. We look forward to being your trusted EV insurance adviser. Call us today!