Three major home insurance coverages that every new homeowner should consider

Just bought a new house? Congratulations. You can finally settle down with your family in your own space. However, are you entirely safe without insurance? Not really.

If you bought your home through a mortgage in Glen Allen, VA, your lender might have already mentioned the value of home insurance. In fact, it is a requirement by most lenders to protect their investments. At Everett Insurance, we help new home buyers find the essential coverages for their homes to protect their valuables and loved ones.

Home insurance comes with many beneficial coverages, but here are the significant coverages you may want to consider buying first.

1. The dwelling and other structures coverage

Whether you just bought a new or an old home, the first thing you want to do is ensure that the entire dwelling and other structures such as the detached garage, the shed, the fence, gate, and any other separate structure are covered. By dwelling, we mean windows, doors, roof, ceiling, and the walls. The dwelling coverage is essential as it protects the fundamental investment in a fire or natural disaster.

2. Personal belongings coverages

The contents you keep in your Glen Allen, VA house is what we refer to as personal belongings. These include furniture, appliances, electronics, and clothing. Depending on the value of these items, you may want to cover them in the event of a fire, theft, or vandalism. For priceless or highly valuable content, you should consider buying separate coverage to insure them.

3. Property and bodily injury liability

This coverage protects you from financial losses in the event of an accident where other parties are injured at your home, or someone in your family causes property damage to other people. This coverage will pay for medical bills for the wounded and pay lawsuits if you are sued for the damage or injuries.

For all your home insurance needs, feel free to talk to us at Everett Insurance, and we will be glad to walk you through the journey.

When Do I Need Workers Comp Insurance in Virginia?

Workers’ comp insurance provides support if and when people are injured while on the clock. If you’re wondering whether you need workers comp insurance in Goochland, VA, you’re not alone. The rules for employers, employees, and contractors can be confusing if not downright obscure. Everett Insurance has a few tips for business owners who want to remain compliant. 

It Depends 

The answer to this question depends on how your business is structured, what kinds of employees you use, and how they’re classified. Those who work as independent contractors or sole proprietors may not need it, but they should always check first with the Department of Labor before they make any assumptions. If you aren’t covered, then you may have difficulty getting work with certain clients, again depending on how your business is structured. 

Why Workers’ Comp Matters 

In general, the requirement is not the issue. The larger point for the people Goochland, VA is that workers’ comp insurance is necessary for nearly anyone. Even people working in relatively low-risk jobs, such as an office position, are still at risk of being harmed while on the job. Having to take time off for an injury can be catastrophic for a person’s finances, and very few people will be able to weather the storm without some degree of outside help successfully. 

Everett Insurance wants you to have the coverage that you need to keep both you and your business afloat during the worst of times. If you have questions about how the right workers’ comp insurance policy can help, we’re here to fill in the gaps. Call us today to tell us more about your business, and we’ll let you know the best direction to take. 

An Overview Of What Classic Car Insurance Entails

Based out of Glen Allen, VA, Everett Insurance is an independent insurance agency. We provide our clients with access to multiple insurance policies to ensure that they receive the coverage that they need. We strive to serve our clients while maintaining integrity at all times.  

Discovering Classic Car Insurance

At Everett Insurance, we are aware of the value regarding classic cars. Many people consider classic cars to be their most prized possession. Classic car insurance helps you protect your asset.

According to Virginia law, a classic car is considered a vehicle that is over 25 years old. Classic cars must undergo regular state inspections. In order to maintain their classic status, drivers are not allowed to use their vehicles daily. Make sure that you take care of the vehicle, and if possible, promote it at different automotive shows. 

Special Collection Coverage

Your classic car insurance policy will cover you in the event that you get into an accident. However, one way that a classic car insurance policy is different from a traditional policy is special collection coverage. After you have your car appraised, you can receive a fair estimate of how much your vehicle is worth. The appraisal should help you figure out how much coverage your vehicle needs. Also, your policy will likely contain detailed language that explains how many miles you can put on your vehicle during the year. In some cases, your policy may exclude you from driving the car at all unless you are going to a classic car show or event.

Everett Insurance Can Assist You

We understand that figuring out the right type of classic car insurance for your vehicle can be complicated. That’s why we encourage you to stop by our office in Glen Allen, VA, so that we can help you find the right policy.

Can Renters Install Home Security Systems?

Home security systems are ideal for both homes and rental units or apartments. With today’s advanced technology, systems can be installed without having to access the building’s wiring or electrical system. At Everett Insurance, renters who live in Glenn Allen, VA are able to get the information they need from a reputable and reliable source. They also have the advantage of working with a local insurance agent who specializes in meeting all their needs.

Do It Yourself Home Security Systems

Do it yourself home security systems operate using a wireless or Bluetooth connection. This means that they do not have to be hardwired into your home’s electrical system. They are battery operated and extremely easy to install. In most cases, a basic home security system can be installed in an apartment and set up within 30 minutes. All the renter needs is a reliable Wifi connection and a convenient app that can be downloaded to their smartphone or tablet.

Easy to Relocate

One of the best things about choosing a DIY home security system is that they are easy to relocate. Most people only live in an apartment until they can afford to purchase their own homes. DIY systems can be taken down and relocated with ease. Once you turn it back on, it continues to work just like it did in the apartment.

In Glenn Allen, VA, renters who want to add an additional layer of security to their apartment can install a DIY home security system without disturbing any part of the structure of their dwelling. The agents at Everett Insurance can help determine what type of system is best and what features you should look for.

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

You have auto insurance for your vehicle, and you have some sort of insurance for where you live (whether it is home owner’s condo owner’s or renter’s). You do what you can to protect your property and your valuables, so if anything were to ever happen you’d have insurance coverage. However, what about umbrella insurance? Umbrella insurance doesn’t cover one thing specifically but instead offers protection for everything. If you already have insurance for your other valuable investments and items you own, do you really need umbrella insurance? Here at Everett Insurance, we are here to help you with all your possible umbrella insurance questions. 

Own Your Properties

Do you own your property? If so, you might be a prime candidate for umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance offers additional liability protection. If someone is injured on your property you will want to have this coverage as it gives you additional financial protection in the event of a lawsuit. If you are a renter, you may not need this kind of coverage. 

Multiple People Living In Your Home

Do you live with your family? Do you have children? You may want to consider umbrella insurance. It’s hard to know what your children are doing or what other people in your family are doing at all times, but as the property owner and head of the household, you might be liable for their actions. Additional umbrella insurance for your cars and other items you own will help give you this protection in Goochland, VA. 

Consider Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance isn’t for everyone. However, if you believe you might need additional liability coverage for what you own, umbrella insurance is perfect for you. But if you’re still on the fence and in the greater Goochland, VA area, our staff here at Everett Insurance is here to help. So, give us a call at your earliest convenience.

The Details of Worker Compensation Insurance In Virginia

When it comes to having employees working for your business, they must be treated 100% fairly. While your employees are completing the work that they are being paid for in safe manners, at any moment, an accident can occur. What happens when a worker is injured on the job and needs medical attention? This is where workers’ compensation insurance comes in handy big time for the business. 

At Everett Insurance, we are based in Glen Allen, VA, and serve the surrounding local areas as well. Our goal is to make sure that all of our clients are safe and provided with the proper legal insurance to comply with their needs. Businesses are required to have workers’ compensation to cover their employees in the worst-case scenarios. When you purchase this insurance, what does it cover for your business and employees? 

If an employee becomes sick or suffers a work-related injury, they may need medical attention immediately. Choosing not to have workers compensation insurance can cost your business significantly financially down the road. Being able to provide your employees with proper assistance helps them get diagnosed and helps with the situation that occurred appropriately. There is paperwork that has to be filled out, such as an incident report, including details of how the injury/sickness happened. In some situations, employees have to take time off from work due to the injury/sickness, which means they are legally bound to be compensated in partial/full their regular wages while away. 

Are there any questions or concerns that you would like to ask one of our representatives? There are no wrong questions here when making sure workers are adequately taken care of after an injury. To reach us via phone at our office, please feel free to call us at (800) 296-1011. Our team in Glen Allen, VA is ready to help you find a quote and answer your questions.

Qualifications for Classic Car Insurance

Classic and collector vehicles have different protection needs than ordinary cars due to their value, rarity, and specialized maintenance needs. These pricey vehicles are also at higher risk of theft or vandalism, making it essential you purchase classic car insurance from Everett Insurance in Goochland, VA to protect your valuable investment. Here are the qualifications for classic car insurance.

Your Vehicle Must Be a Classic   

To qualify for classic car insurance, your older car needs to be a classic vehicle. Older vehicles are considered classic if they:

  • Are 20 years or older
  • Are in good condition (no rust, no tears in the interior, roadworthy)
  • Have historical value
  • Match the original factory design

Your classic may be an antique, hotrod, muscle car, exotic car, or vintage car.

Your Classic Must Meet These Conditions

To qualify for classic car insurance, your classic must meet the following conditions:

  • Limited use such as for exhibitions, parades, or auto club activities within the mileage restrictions of your policy
  • Well-preserved and maintained
  • Needs to be stored in a secure, locked location to prevent theft or vandalism
  • Restricted to safe drivers who have no serious violations on their driving record

What Classic Car Insurance Covers

Classic car insurance offers much of the same coverage as ordinary auto insurance, often at lower premium costs. This includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

If your classic car is destroyed in an accident or disaster, however, your insurance will compensate you for the amount agreed upon when you took out your classic policy as opposed to actual cash value cost.

Your classic policy may also offer specialty coverage not provided by ordinary auto policies to include auto show protection, auto show medical, and coverage for spare parts.

To purchase classic car insurance for your classic vehicle, call or visit Everett Insurance in Goochland, VA, today.

How Does Renters Insurance Work?

Renters insurance is meant to protect renters and their belongings. It can also be known as tenant insurance. Renters insurance provides coverage for a guest’s injury, burglary, and theft. A renters policy has many different uses but mainly consists of three different types of coverage.

You’ll agree that none of the situations is within your control. No matter how much security facilities you install in your home, criminals may find their ways around it because they also study security installations to find out their loopholes. Also, even if you succeed with the security of your rented apartment, an accident can occur while guests are in your home. Any of your visitors can slip and fall. He or she may decide to sue you for that.

Now, let’s talk about each type of coverage and what they cover. Renters insurance is pretty universal and doesn’t change much, whether you’re in Richmond or Glen Allen, VA.

Personal property

This policy type may cover the repair cost or the replacement cost of your personal properties like your electronics, furniture, and clothing after a burglary or theft. However, it has a limit. It will only cover your loss to the extent of the limit. You’ll have to bear the cost of the rest.


If you mistakenly damage someone’s property, this policy will come to your rescue. A good example is when you accidentally leave any of your faucets open, your sink overflows, and water seeps into the apartment below yours. You are legally obliged to fix the other tenant’s apartment.

With this policy, you won’t need to pay the bill from your pocket. Also, if you damage your guest’s property or cause an accident that results in injuries, you can fall back on this policy to fix the damaged property or pay their medical bills, depending on what the situation is.

Additional living expenses

If your rented apartment or rented residence is damaged and you have to live in a hotel until it is fixed, this policy will pay for your additional living expenses, including your hotel bills.

Conclusively, you need to bear in mind that the payment is to your policy limit. For more information on renters insurance, contact Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA.


Does umbrella insurance cover my pets?

Our furry and feathered friends are part of our families and often appear in insurance cases in Richmond and Glen Allen, VA. Since we cannot fully control what our pets can and cannot do, the best way to ensure that they are safe is by protecting them through insurance. Umbrella insurance is one of the best ways to keep your pets covered. Everett Insurance is ready to give you a few reasons why that is so:

Bites and lawsuits

Our society today is unfortunately quite litigious, and extensive damages can turn out to be extremely expensive with long term financial impact. What’s worse is that those lawsuits can come from our lovely furry fellows. For instance, a simple bite or scratch from a dog may call for lawsuits that may amount to millions of dollars in injuries. In most cases, homeowners’ insurance is not adequate to cover such large sums of money, but umbrella insurance can come in and compensate the rest.

Pets and damages

Just like us, pets cannot be perfect and, at some point in our homes, may break a plate, a glass window, or even a flowerpot. The difference comes in when they break a neighbor’s or a friend’s glass window. This may force you to cough out a hefty amount of money for damages which homeowner insurance may not adequately cover. Umbrella insurance will again come in and clear the balance.

Trips and falls

Pets cause most common tripping accidents. For instance, a neighbors child who came to play in your back yard may trip over your cat or dog and fall badly. Again, if home insurance won’t be adequate to cover the medical bills, umbrella insurance will come to the rescue.

If you still have questions about umbrella insurance, speak to one of Everett Insurance experts or visit us in Glen Allen, VA today!


Is Flood Insurance a Luxury or Need?

With natural disasters on the rise, it only makes sense for homeowners to reassess the protection they’re receiving from their home insurance policy, particularly when it comes to flooding. Floods are occurring more often than ever all across the country. Unfortunately, flooding isn’t covered by a standard home insurance policy, putting you at risk of picking up the tab for damages.

Flood insurance from Everett Insurance in Las Vegas, NV can give you peace of mind that your home and goods will be protected against this unforeseen disaster. Here are a few reasons to consider this valuable coverage.

Floods Can Occur In and Out of a Flood Zone

Floods can occur almost anywhere, whether your home is in a flood zone or not. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), over 20% of the annual insurance claims made for flooding come from homeowners who live outside a flood zone. You cannot predict when a flood will occur but you can be prepared with appropriate insurance coverage.

Flood Insurance is Affordable for Homeowners Living Outside a Flood Zone

You can add flood insurance to your current home insurance policy at an affordable cost if you live outside a flood zone, making it a smart investment to protect your valuable property.  

Floods Can Cause Catastrophic Damage

Even a few inches of water inside your home can cause tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of structural and personal goods damage. Unless you have the financial resources to cover the cost of flood damage out-of-pocket, flood insurance is a smart and affordable option to protect your property.

At Everett Insurance, we have your best interests at heart when it comes to protecting your Las Vegas, NV property. Contact your Everett Insurance agent today to learn more about flood insurance coverage to protect your valuable investment.