How Does Classic Car Insurance Limit My Annual Mileage?

At Everett Insurance, we want your vehicles parked in Glen Allen, VA to enjoy the utmost protection. We offer classic car coverage for your antique, vintage, and collector’s cars. This type of automotive coverage ensures you will receive the funds required to replace your unique vehicle if it gets totaled.

Classic Car Mileage Limitations

If you enjoy driving your classic car every day, you need to understand the mileage limitations that classic coverage imposes. Classic car policies limit the owner to driving 1,000 miles per year. This typically limits the driver to driving to and from car shows and parades, although you can use the 1,000 miles any way you like.

Although most insurance lets you tailor policies to your needs, classic car coverage firmly enforces the mileage limit. Most companies won’t allow you to raise it. That helps reduce their risk since few vehicles get totaled while parked in a garage.

The extreme value of classic cars and the high-value payouts for damage or loss of one lead the insurance companies to severely limit their use. The policies provide excellent coverage in return, though. They pay for manufacturer classic parts when needed for repairs, ensuring that your fully restored classic remains a fully restored classic car.

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