How Renters’ Insurance Works

If you have a home that you rent from a landlord, it’s vital that you have a renters’ insurance policy for the entire time that you live there. There are several kinds of insurance coverage available in one of these policies, and it’s all-important protection for renters. If you need this insurance for your rental, contact us at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA.

Protect Your Possessions

One of the types of coverage provided by a renters’ policy is protection for all of your possessions that are inside your rented home. When you have this insurance, you can get help with replacing your items if they were to be ruined or completely destroyed. It’s always a good idea to have this coverage as it may be necessary someday for you to use it. Disasters and accidents happen all the time, and you don’t want to have to begin again from scratch. 

Protect Your Liability

A renters’ policy will also come with some coverage for your liability. If you were to have someone into your rental, and that person was to get injured or sick there, you may be found liable for their medical bills. This coverage type covers those bills so that you won’t have to pay from your own pocket. It’s an important protection for your finances and to protect you from lawsuits. 

Protect Your Living Arrangement

When you rent, you don’t have to ensure the rented space, as the landlord is responsible for that. However, if your rental were to be badly damaged and unlivable, your renters’ policy will pay for you to live somewhere safer while the repairs are being made. This helps you to preserve your standard of living.

Get Your Renters’ Insurance

If you rent and don’t yet have your insurance policy, call us today at Everett Insurance in Glen Allen, VA.