How Recreation Insurance Protects You While Traveling

Traveling the roads exploring with your RV is a popular family activity.  Before you start out on your next adventure, make sure that you have the recreation insurance you need.  In Glen Allen, VA, our team at Everett Insurance can help you with any questions so that you know that you have the best coverage available. 

Many people consider recreation or RV insurance to be just like auto insurance.  There are some similarities but each policy is markedly different.  The reason is that while an RV is a vehicle that is required to have liability insurance, it is also a temporary home.  Also, policies differ based on the size and weight of the recreational vehicle. 

Recreational insurance policies usually include coverage for the replacement of a vehicle in the event that it is stolen or damaged beyond repair.  This will also include coverage for accessories that are often attached to the outside of the RV.  This can include items such as awnings and satellite dishes.  All of the contents of the recreational vehicle, such as personal possessions or outdoor gear, are also covered.  When you are talking with your agent, discuss how you intend to use the RV.  Sometimes there are different coverage options if you are only using it once a year for vacation. 

Recreational vehicles are a great way for families to bond and spend quality time in nature.  At Everett Insurance, our agents understand the needs that you have.  Whether you are intending to explore the Glen Allen, VA area or national parks and points of interest along the road, they have the insurance coverage you need.  Explore the website for general information then call or come by.  We’ve got the answers to your recreation insurance questions.  Get the coverage you need before you need it.